Aims and Scope

Aims & Scope

Biological and Molecular Chemistry (Biol. Mol. Chem.) is an international journal for the dissemination of scientific results in the rapidly expanding realm of pharmaceutical and biological chemistry. The journal publishes high-quality reviews, full papers, and communications in the following areas: synthesis (including catalysis, organometallic, medicinal, biological, and photochemistry), chemical synthetic methodologies, organic and inorganic chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials and polymer chemistry, biological chemistry, and interdisciplinary studies directly related to chemical synthesis. Topics covered in the magazine include, but are not limited to:

  • Biomolecular chemistry
  • Infection and immunity
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Molecular genetics and genomics
  • Nanotechnology and materials chemistry
  • Science Education
  • Structural biology and biochemistry
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology